China fluid coupling

fluid coupling
Energy Variety
Fastened speed: up to 1850 KW
Variable speed: up to 11000 KW

Speed Selection
Fixed velocity: 720 RPM – 3600 RPM
Variable velocity: 490 RPM – 3600 RPM

Starting torque selection
Mounted velocity: 80% – 275%

Solution essential details
Solution description
Electrical power Transmission through hydraulic fluid/drinking water without having mechanical relationship among enter and output of driver or pushed machine.

Conveyors, Crushers, Shredders, Ball mills, Ring granulators, Mixers, Pumps, Supporters, Boiler Feed Pumps, Industrial drives


Motor Starting up with no load
Smooth acceleration of the load
Equipment and Motor protection from overload, constrained to the greatest torque transmitted
Motor Choice by way of the running torque, keeping away from an oversizing picks of the motor by the starting torque
Lower motor energy use
Outstanding ROI (short pay again time period)
High performance due to the reduced sliding
Maximum torque transmission capacity can be reached in the assortment of 80 up to 270% of the running torque
Numerous designs
Tailor-created remedies