188 collection engineer course sprocket are used for a wide verity of chain dimensions. These sizes include 91R, 4113, 1188, SR188, 2188, RS2188, RS4113, LXS4113, and SS2188. These sprockets are typically supplied as solid content but we can also provide them as steel for longer operation. The underneath chart demonstrate the common tooth counts as well as dimensions for every single dimension.

Forged 188-Sequence Sprockets

Note: Tooth Face at Pitch Line: .9375″/ Roller Diameter: 1.750″

Sprocket Measurement Tooth Depend Design Pitch Diameter Hub Diameter Duration Through Bore Maximum Bore Weight (LBS)
188C5 5 C six.seventy eight” four.00″ 3.00″ 2.fifty” fourteen.
188C6 six C eight.00″ four.00″ three.00″ 3.44″ 15.
188C7 seven C 9.22″ four.00″ three.00″ three.sixty eight” 27.
188C8 8 C ten.forty five” six.00″ four.00″ three.94″ 35.
188C9 nine C 11.70″ six.00″ 4.00″ three.94″ 32.
188C10 ten C twelve.94″ 6.00″ 4.00″ 3.94″ forty three.
188C11 eleven C fourteen.19″ six.50″ four.00″ 4.44″ fifty.
188C12 12 C fifteen.45″ six.50″ four.00″ four.forty four” 60.
188C13 13 C 16.71″ eight.00″ 5.00″ 5.00″ 36.
188C15 15 C 19.24″ eight.00″ five.00″ five.00″ 39.
188C19 19 C 24.thirty” ten.00″ 5.00″ 6.00″ forty eight.
188C24 24 C thirty.64″ ten.00″ five.00″ 6.00″ 58.


We aslo offer a complete assortment of both precision roller chain and engineered.

Apps are assorted and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to wide general industrial electricity transmission specialty purposes with attachments and/or particular materials are also accessible.