Materials Dealing with Electrical power UNIT 1
Standard Description
This electrical power unit is built for the fork lift field, consisting of very efficient gear pump, DC motor, manual raise and reduce valve, tank, ect. The up and down motion are managed by the lever from the manual release valve, which can be outfitted with an electrical switch to activate the motor. The lowing pace is controlled by the pressure compensated movement handle valve.
Particular Notes
1. The duty of this power unit is S3, i.e. 30 seconds on and 270 senconds off.
two. Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned in advance of installation of the energy unit.
three. Viscosity of your hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which ought to also be clean and free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is recommended .
four. Oil altering is needed soon after the preliminary 100 operation hrs, afterwards as soon as every 3000 hrs.
5. The energy unit shown is designed to be mounted horizontally.

Materials Managing Energy UNIT 2
Common Description
This power unit options energy up gravity down circuit. Activate the start off solenoid to start out the motor to lift the machine. The lowing movement is activated from the solenoid valve together with the lowering pace managed from the pressure compensated movement control valve. Products of this series is often widely utilized in the market of logistic gadgets which include fork lift, mini lift table, and so on.
Exclusive Notes
one. The duty of this electrical power unit is S3,i.e.,thirty seconds on and 270 senconds off.
2. Clean every one of the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the electrical power unit.
3. Viscosity on the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst,which really should also be clean and totally free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is proposed .
4. Oil shifting is needed after the initial a hundred operation hours,afterwards as soon as each 3000 hours.
five. The electrical power unit need to be mounted horizontally.